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Healthy, good looking skin begins with Professional Natural, Organic & Vegan Skincare. Some of the hardest-working, scientifically proven ingredients in organic skincare products are natural plant-based nutrients and contain powerful anti-oxidants.

At Wellness we believe what we put IN our body matters and so does what we put ON our bodies. Your body’s largest organ is your skin. Many products absorb through the skin directly into the bloodstream (think of topical medications and trans-dermal patches). “Organic” refers to how an ingredient was farmed. It must be grown without GMOs, fertilizers, hormones, synthetic chemicals and pesticides. “Vegan” products do not contain animal byproducts. “Natural products” are made without any artificial ingredients or fragrance.

Once you’ve had a professional facial treatment, impurities that have been clogging your pores have been removed. This will encourage your skin products – moisturizers, creams, serums, and lotions – to be more easily absorbed, and more effective. To maintain and continue the benefits of your treatment, incorporate professional quality home care products that will continually enhance the appearance of your skin.

Wellness Signature Custom Facial with Paraffin Hand Treatment

Completely indulge yourself with our most luxurious and extensive Signature Facial. This relaxing journey begins with our Custom Age-Defiant Facial enhanced by a professional strength natural peel with Zero down-time (a glycolic acid, lactic acid, or natural fruit or marine enzyme will be selected by your esthetician) to target the signs of premature aging.  Your session also Includes our “Perfect Sense” Paraffin Treatment for your hands. This individually packed system ensures each client experiences a unique, sanitary treatment.  Formulated with Swiss Apple Stem Cell and infused with 18 vitamins and minerals, your skin will be replenished and softer while stiff joints will loosen and relax.  A deeply hydrating, result-driven Collagen Treatment Mask will then be applied to the face.  100% pure collagen treatment sheet masks include: Eucalyptus Collagen Mask, Jasmine Collagen Mask, and the Wellness Whitening Mask.

75 Minute Treatment – $185


Custom Age-Defiant Facial

For healthier skin that is smoother, firmer, and more supple, this customized facial is designed to address your specific skin type requirements and concerns. Unique natural formulas with powerful antioxidants and organic ingredients smooth and nourish to reveal your best skin. Reveal a brighter complexion with this illuminating treatment. This Custom Age-Defiant Facial effectively treats common skin irregularities and promotes brilliant skin tones.  Several result-driven treatment masks are available and will be selected after consultation and skin analysis by your esthetician.  These professional modeling masks peel off to unveil a fresh healthy glow and may include: Cryogenic Treatment Mask, Dead Sea Detox Mud Mask, Pumpkin Renewal AHA Mask, and Tropical Papaya with Papain Enzyme Mask.

60 Minute Treatment – $165