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Facials & SKINCARE

Healthy, good looking skin begins with Professional Natural, Organic & Vegan Skincare. Some of the hardest-working, scientifically proven ingredients in organic skincare products are natural plant-based nutrients and contain powerful anti-oxidants.

At Wellness we believe what we put IN our body matters and so does what we put ON our bodies. Your body’s largest organ is your skin. Many products absorb through the skin directly into the bloodstream (think of topical medications and trans-dermal patches). “Organic” refers to how an ingredient was farmed. It must be grown without GMOs, fertilizers, hormones, synthetic chemicals and pesticides. “Vegan” products do not contain animal byproducts. “Natural products” are made without any artificial ingredients or fragrance.

Once you’ve had a professional facial treatment, impurities that have been clogging your pores have been removed. This will encourage your skin products – moisturizers, creams, serums, and lotions – to be more easily absorbed, and more effective. To maintain and continue the benefits of your treatment, incorporate professional quality home care products that will continually enhance the appearance of your skin.