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Sense the difference of a natural ‘green spa’.  The moment you walk in the door, you will sense the difference.  Wellness is a serene boutique spa that offers the treatments you expect from a larger day spa without the frenzied or impersonal atmosphere.  Only the finest natural and organic massage and skincare products are used during your treatments.  State-of-the-art equipment is maintained and sterilized strictly according to board of health guidelines.  Tranquil fountains, calming aromas, soothing sounds, and heated treatment tables in rooms accented with candlelight create an atmosphere that is the ultimate in comfort.

Take time for yourself.  Whether you work hard or just play hard, you owe it to yourself to look and feel your best.  You deserve to reap the rewards of your efforts by enriching your health and well-being.  In today’s fast paced society, we often experience imbalances due to stress, sleeplessness, poor diet, insufficient exercise, chemicals and pollutants.  These factors are known to contribute to a decline in physical vigor and show their signs on our skin – the largest organ of the body.  The good news is that many of these effects can be effectively treated safely and naturally with therapeutic massage & professional skincare.

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With Pam's assured technique, my warm stone massage was everything I needed it to be. I entered frazzled and discombobulated after work, and left an hour later feeling like I'd had a whole day at the spa. Pam did everything she could to ensure I was comfortable, she had a full understanding of my needs, and the end result met my expectations. I never felt rushed, or that I was just another client. I have now promised myself regular visits are a necessity.  When I book them, I will certainly request Pam!

Mia H. - Cambridge, MA

Wellness Massage and Skincare is an oasis of relaxation. Every detail is taken care of from the minute you walk through the door. The setting, staff and products create a winning combination and a fabulous experience. I have personally enjoyed massages and facials. The waxing seems to hurt a little less when being entertained by Todd as well. I would recommend you experience this for yourself sometime soon. Enjoy!

Claudine Marrotte - Boston, MA

What can I say about Wellness Massage? I can sum it up in one sentence. I have been following Todd around for almost 10 years, and I would recommend Wellness Massage & Skincare for anyone who is looking for the best spa services available in this area.

Denise K. Watson - Boston, MA

Todd, you are my 'haven in a heartless world'. When I arrive in your special setting, everything is immaculate (including the bathroom!). You enable me to leave my stress, tension, and boogey men behind me for the time that you work your magic on my face and body. I am transported to a peaceful time & place and leave you with renewed energy, and a belief that I am at least 15 years YOUNGER!!! You have to be quite the magician to do that...and indeed you do!!!

D.O.B. - Vermont

I have been getting massages on a monthly basis for the past 5 years from Todd. He is wonderful!  Each time I visit I am taken away from the stresses of my life. I am able to leave rejuvenated and relaxed with a fresh perspective. When skin care was added at Wellness I began to take advantage of that as well. In addition to the facials I have received I am a regular waxing client. I cannot say enough about the pampering! It is something I've come to rely on to help me stay sane and happy.

M.B.S. - West Roxbury, MA

I am a spa and massage nut. Every place I visit, I'll try out various spa treatments and massages.By being Todd's client over the years, I've become spoiled and come to expect the highest level of quality. But disappointedly I find that most people and places fall short. At many places I’ve had the distinct feeling that I am the millionth faceless customer to be subjected to a lukewarm and pedestrian spa treatment that day. This is not the case with Todd.  His attentive personal treatments allow me to become the center of the universe for an hour or so, what could be better than that? And at the end of it all, I'm always happy to come home to Todd.

E. C. - Brookline, MA

After my facial I realized how tense I was...by how relaxed I am! No matter how hard I try to keep up with my skin, the difference it looks and feels after a regularly scheduled facial and the relaxed and centered feeling makes it a double treat.

Darren C. - Chestnut Hill, MA

Spending the day at Wellness Massage is like a total retreat for your mind, body and spirit. Every time I walk through the door I'm greeted with a warm welcome. Both Todd and Vickie always remember every detail about my needs so I don't need to say a word about what I want. That definitely adds to the relaxation. The massage or facial is always amazing, and the waxing is perfection. When I leave, I'm offered tea or water to ensure that wherever I go, I'll continue to feel pampered! Thanks Vickie and Todd!

J. Alford - Newton, MA

Wellness provides a combination of physical therapy and relaxation that significantly increases my energy level and well-being.

Paul S. - Needham, MA

My weekly massages are an essential aspect of my wellness program. I count on having the stress removed with these important sessions. All of Wellness Massage and Skincare’s aesthetic services are fabulous as well. I highly recommend Todd and his colleague Vickie.

Pamela - Boston, MA

Not only did Wellness Massage & Skincare help me overcome the physical discomfort of sore tired muscles, but also aided in mending me mentally. The experience at Wellness Massage & Skincare is bliss from facials to warm stone massages. Todd Billig is knowledgeable & pleasant – the facility is immaculate and discreet.

Nicole S. - Needham, MA

I’ve been seeing Todd for many years now and can’t imagine going anywhere else. I found Todd because he was convenient to my work location at the time and he responded to my email inquiry with such warmth and care. When I walked in the first day I knew I had found the person I would be seeing until he retired. He made me feel completely comfortable and cared for. I spend long hours at my computer and will usually arrive feeling miserable. A few minutes into the treatment I’m relaxed and feeling wonderful (I laugh and call it being in my happy place). I always leave standing straighter and feeling wonderful. Todd finds each and every pocket of stress and gets rid of it. His skill is matched only by his amazing personality. I no longer live or work near Wellness, but the commute is worth it! I can’t imagine going anywhere else. I look forward not only to the massage or facial, but to the energy and warmth that Todd seems to pass on to every person who enters his world.

Mary Bonish - Quincy, MA

Going to Wellness Massage & Skincare is like going on a mini vacation. From the moment you walk through the door it's a calming experience for all of your senses. The waiting room (where I have never actually been kept waiting!) is pretty and soft music cushions the room. Before your treatment begins, you are always asked to tell your therapist everything that will help make your experience just right for you. Both Vickie and Todd always listen carefully and ask during the treatment if you are comfortable and if there is anything else they can do to make your visit just right. The treatment rooms are very clean, the sound of trickling water and soft music soothing, and you will leave Wellness Massage and Skincare feeling so much better than when you walked in! The hot towels after a full-body massage are a really nice touch, a perfect end to a wonderful, relaxing experience.

M.S. - Needham, MA

Some people just care about their clients. It's not just about business for Todd Billig; it's about making people feel and look better. Accommodating, organized, thoughtful and one great guy, Todd brings a welcomed dimension to wellness care.

Maryann H. - Newton, MA

Todd is a master of massage. He senses and confirms the spots that are chronic sources of stress storage, generally my shoulders, and works them completely to release the tension. He's equally skilled at facials and waxing and knows that the environment is key to total relaxation. It's a totally great experience where for an hour or so it's all about me. What a find!!!

Bryan B. - Wellesley, MA

I've been seeing Todd Billig at Wellness Massage for a number of years. He was recommended by a friend of mine and I am forever in her debt for the recommendation! I started seeing Todd in Boston and followed him to Newton when he relocated there. Since I live in Boston, my willingness to commute for massage by Todd speaks volumes. After all these years I have developed a Pavlovian response to entering Wellness Massage & Skincare; I start to relax as soon as I walk in the door! Not only does Todd provide a knowledgeable and deeply relaxing massage, he provides an experience which is calm and soothing from beginning to end. Beyond that, Todd has a presence which is uniquely warm, welcoming, sympathetic and nurturing and which sets him apart from many other practitioners. In addition to massage, I have had facials and other services from Todd and he is always knowledgeable, thorough and professional in his approach. To anyone considering Wellness Massage and Skincare, I say run don't walk...you'll be glad you did!

Kevin Gahagan - Boston, MA

Wellness Massage & Skincare is great! I’ve been a client of Todd’s for 8 years and couldn’t be happier. His prenatal massage services undoubtedly reduced the pain and stress on my pregnant body during my 2 pregnancies and helped me feel both relaxed and energized. Todd is highly professional and yet remains very personal which makes my time at Wellness incredibly relaxing no matter what service I’m receiving. I can’t recommend Wellness Massage highly enough.

Linda Hillery - Wellesley, MA

Whenever I come back from a stressful work trip or am getting ready for an important meeting or simply want to be nice to myself, I go to Todd Billig at Wellness Massage and Skincare. Todd is extremely skilled and professional. He is warm, friendly and very knowledgeable about skincare and massage. The office is tasteful and spotless. Each time I go to Wellness Massage, I return relaxed, rejuvenated and happy. Over the years, I have given several friends and relatives gift certificates for various treatments at Wellness Massage and every single person has raved about the experience.

Richard Locke - Watertown, MA

A trip to the Boston area is never complete without a massage by Todd. Todd provides a magic hour when my muscles are put to right, my spirit is soothed, and I am balanced again. My anticipation is always happily fulfilled each and every time.

Anne P. Strain - Nantucket, MA

I've been a regular visitor to Wellness for deep tissue massage for about 10 years, often several times per month. Having had lower back surgery, I was deeply concerned with finding a quality practitioner who could work the muscles effectively. Both Vickie and Todd are extremely qualified, very friendly, and the quality and ambiance of their environment is impeccable. I’ve been to other therapists and while I usually leave relaxed I’ve often left somewhat dissatisfied questioning the quality, not so with Vickie and Todd, they will always have me coming back!

Don Edwards - Newton, MA

"I'm a fairly realistic consumer; hope for the best, but expect the worst. Fortunately, there is no need for this at Wellness Massage. You can hope for the best AND expect the best, and you will not leave disappointed. The gifted hands and attentive nature of Pam, my massage therapist, left nothing to be desired. I never felt rushed, and I was always comfortable. I left feeling like I had gotten back 5 years of youth. Thank you so much, and you can count on the fact that you will see me soon!

"I'm writing to say thank you for a wonderfully relaxing "Mini Vacation" on Sunday. Pam was really attentive and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the session. She customized the session to my needs and focused on my neck and shoulders, which really helped relieve my tension. The massage with Pam was one of the best I've received - I emerged feeling like a new person. My trip to Newton was definitely worthwhile!"

"I have been a massage client of Todd’s for five years and he told me about his new Thai massage so I gave it a try. Well I am definitely hooked. I have always enjoyed my treatments but this was the most relaxing and invigorating massage I ever had. It got into muscles that are hard to stretch yourself and produced a sense of ease as well. Thanks to Todd for adding another great service!"